Apr 02 2012

No “Pink Slime”— The Assurance Of Organic Beef

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The rant of meat consumers against “pink slime” continue to rise as it became a national vocabulary. Large meat businesses had been affected, meat stores are boycotted, and even some schools across United States are reacting about this hamburger additive which is believed to cause unhealthy effects to beef buyers.

“Pink Slime” refer to meat trimmings scraped from the bones of cattle, passed through centrifuge to melt away the fat before being sprayed with ammonia to kill pathogens like E.Coli within the meat. After the process, these meat trimmings are then called “lean finely textured beef” which then will be mixed in higher quality of ground beef to serve as meat filler. The term “pink slime” was coined by Dr. Gerald Zirnstein referring to the result product of pinkish slimy meat.

Almost 70 percent of hamburger in the United States are using meat fillers which became a major concern in the country. With fast food giants such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Taco Bell giving reports of their company moving away from the use of beef with fillers, it is definitely an issue that cannot be taken for granted. The awareness of people regarding “pink slime” created a national movement to give a big impact in the food industry in the US.

However, one of the advantages it bring is that more customers will be served good quality of meat when buying in fast food restaurants and in grocers committing not to sell ground beef mixed with this loathed filler.

Meat consumers who prefer organic beef on the other-hand, are never worried about the danger brought by “pink slime.” With healthy and natural meat direct from the source, they are tasting flavorful beef guilt-free of antibiotics, hormones, and absolutely absent of ammonia.

If you are a meat buyer who displeases “pink slime.” Find a credible meat source that will be honest enough not to sell you waste for food. Naturally Grass Fed stands in its promise—to produce best tasting beef only good for your health.

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